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Let Love Lead This Easter.


If possible..so far as it depends on you, live in peace with everyone.~ Romans 12:18

Humans are created just the way they are. They cannot be grown, fixed or changed by others. They can only be loved!

Humans change in response to stimuli, that’s why the age-old aphorism remains evergreen:
“if you want to change someone then change your attitude towards them”.

So in the spirit of the season let’s try and practice the teachings of our faith. Let us choose to love our fellow humans, love them in pain and peace. Love them when they insult, munch or block as much as you will love them when they do otherwise.

Do not claim to be the victim or victor for by so doing you are symbolizing the love shown through His crucifixion and emulating the illumination of His resurrection.

So my good people..let love lead!

Happy Easter!ūüôŹūüėáūü•įūüēļ

ūüďĻ: @Dasucre



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