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JUST WHY? a poem by Becky Peleowo


They said he died for me

And washed away my sins

They said his bloody stripes

heals every bruise and pain

They said he rose again from a tomb

As he does every year and triduum!

They said he loves me so

And erased my every sin

But why does he love me so?

I stole his brother’s hammer

And hit it on his sister’s head

I cursed and denied his Mama

And scattered his father’s herd

The little ones he beckoned to himself

I abandoned to the world as prey

Yet all my secret scarlet sins

They said he cleansed without delay.

And why does he love me so?

I snub him at the chapel

Yet he guards through turbulent nights

Like Cain, I misused the scalpel

Unwavering still, he dots on my kind

His palms, his feet, his bleeding side;

His friends denying, his mother sighing,

His mercy and cries of “Eli, lama sabathani”

Each Easter story, I hear from grandma

Pressured, I embraced his love but why?

Not for his herd who calls his name just for the fame

Not for the fast from food but for the abstinence from sin

Not for the bunny nor the Easter eggs for bread

Neither for the games that end the paschal feast

Not for identity in his fold nor the Pharisees’ praise

Not for the glamorous robes donned at Easter dawn

Not for the seasoned lamb on a platter of gold

But for the lamb that was slain and is slain each day in sin.

And now why should I love him so?

They said he died for me

And washed away my sins

They said his bleeding stripes

heals every bruise and pain

His sacrifice, my gain, he wishes that I replicate

The washing of feet and sharing of bread

To live his life the way I bear his name,

Christ-like – no more from me, no less.

On why he loves me, he said;

To pass on the good in the multiplication of bread

To break the bread of hate and drink the wine for peace

To wash the feet from greed and the stains of sin

To carry the cross and know it’s not an easy road

To follow his path and rid the heart of scores of wrong

To raise the eye in prayer to him when words fail the lips

To feast in his name, to make him the host

To shout the hossanna cry in spirit and truth.

Just why does he still love me?

I have cursed and caused,

Lots of trouble in his name

Forty days he sacrificed

Forty days, I compromised

In his sweats were drops of blood,

In my sweat were the wages of the weak

Why have you forsaken me? His yearly cry,

Why have you forsaken me, my only prayer.

So I sat on the staircase at noon

And heard his reply to all my whys?

His hands in nails, his side in pain,

From his words so pure came the reply,

Father, forgive them,

For they know not what they do.

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