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The Sad Period Of Grace : A Poem by by Emmanuel Enaku


When I was younger,

I was told the story of a child.

A child born in a manger,

in hay and under the clouds.

I was told of the wise men –

who came bearing gifts.

Christmas is the season, a time to celebrate.

Now that I am older,

I know of Easter.

A time that brings the harsh realities

Of death to the forefront.

I know of the pains, the travails and

The hurts my saviour took for my sake.

I’m glad every day because

I remember the sacrifice of God.

To be born just to die

for a sinful soul like mine.

Would it be Easter or

would it be Christmas?

A question whose answer

I yet cannot tell.

I know we must celebrate the

Birth of Christ, saviour and friend

It is His will to see us glad and

Prospering as we remember his birth.

A time of love and generosity.

When we remember that a saviour had come.

But the death of Christ has many

Symbols we cannot just ignore.

The body was broken for our healing

The blood for our sins

The resurrection — a reassurance.

Oh, if I were to choose

Between Christmas or Easter, I would choose

A time that makes me reflect.

A time when my debts were paid in full.

I would choose Easter which reminds me

Of my saviour’s sacrifices.

I would choose a time when I am

Assured that because Christ’s body

Was broken, mine is quickened

That my ailments were paid for

By the strips of my saviour.

If I were to pick between Christmas and Easter

I would pick Easter. A time of reflection

A time I am reminded of how fickle I am

I would choose Easter, that makes me know

I am a beloved of God.

Oh, Easter, who took a precious one

One who cannot be replaced.

His blood, a ransom for my sinful self

Surely, I would choose Easter when my Lord was sold.

For pieces of corruptible coins.

Easter, though, is not as jolly as Christmas

Yet has a more powerful meaning

A time when my Lord said it is finished.

His blood, an atonement

To put me at-one-ment with God

I would choose Easter, that reminds me

Of my saviour’s unconditional love

Of my saviour and his triumph over death.

The resurrection, a gleaming Ray of hope.

Yes, it would be my choice.

At Easter, I know my pain is gone

At Easter, I know my cares are gone

At Easter, I know my fears are gone

All because my Lord said so in a phrase so true.

It is finished.

And so, as I look up to the sky,

Waiting on the day when Jesus comes

Just to take me to his father’s mansion

I will not forget Easter

The period he paid it all.

Easter over Christmas, my heart says.

Easter over Christmas, my soul screams

I would love the Lord until the day he comes

Because Easter keeps him alive

In me, with me and for me.

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