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On this day 1184 BC: Troy was sacked and burnt to the ground (Trojan war).


On this day 1184 BC: According to the estimation of the famous Greek scholar Eratosthenes, the beautiful city of Troy was sacked and burnt to the ground in one of the most popular events in history known as the Trojan War.

There are many historical accounts of the war with some skeptics questioning its authenticity. However, the most popular narrative is that the 10-year conflict was ignited by the abduction of Queen Helen by Trojan Prince Paris from her husband, the King of Sparta, Menelaus.

Led by King Agamemnon the commander of the Greek army, Melanus and a coalition of forces declared war on Troy to recover his wife. However, after several attempts they were unable to breach the walls of the great city.

Tiring of the endless battles Menelaus offered to end the war by challenging Paris in single-combat. Paris agreed but ran away in fear to the safety of his brother Prince Hektor’s arms after he was thoroughly beaten by Melanus.
As the war raged on Hektor led the Trojans to attack the Greek camp killing many fighters. King Agamemnon and his men were enraged. He called on Achilles his greatest warrior who refused to join the battle to protest Agamemnon’s seizure of his female war loot.


It wasn’t until Achilles’ best friend Patrokolos was killed by Hektor that he joined the fight seeking revenge. In a fierce battle, Achilles pursued Hektor around the city walls three times and finally killed him as his father King Priam watched from above.
Yet the Greeks were unable to breach the walls of Troy, until a cunning plan was devised to send a large wooden horse filled with soldiers to the gates of Troy. The Trojans believing it was a parting gift of surrender took the horse into the city in celebration.
At night the warriors crept out of the sculpture and opened Troy’s gates to allow the waiting Greek warriors to invade. That night the soldiers sacked and burned the city of Troy, killing its inhabitants, desecrating its temples, and finally ending the war.
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