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Don’t Give Up: A Poem by Faith Oyadiran


Twirling and swirling
the rogue waves

Like a funnel, they whirled.
into a majestic wind
A Typhoon!

It rides on vicious waves like a horse.
It thunders like the roar of a thousand lions.

The seafarers sail as sheep to the slaughter.
Trapped between the deep blue sea
and a furious, murderous monster

Their treasures Flew first
and their water flasks flew next.
with no remedies for their thirst.
Life was hell at its best.

The king of waves rides high.
His fury touches the sky.
His mighty feet, a force to see, march through the sea.

The typhoon’s eyes widen.
It spots a scrawny ship,
beneath the waves so deep.
The monster lashed its whip.
to thrash the little insolent ship

The seamen screamed
Their ship’s hull keeled.
It’s mast-clipped, and it’s
Ballast slipped

The ship weighs anchor
The typhoon lashed again.
Chipping splinters off the keel

The keel drank from the sea.
Tipping the rudders into a stupor
The ship dived.
like a rock plunging into an abyss

The typhoon suckers up the air.
round and round their ship twirled.

closer and closer to the eyes of the typhoon,

All odds are stacked against hope.
They saw their lives winding down the slope.
A mariner slowly sings
Rod Stewart’s “Sailing Song”

We are sailing. We are sailing.
Home again, ‘cross the sea
We are sailing on stormy waters.
To be near you is to be free.

Courage kissed the captain.
He remembers a captain’s honour
Save your ship at all costs.
Or take a bow, hands in hand.
into depths unknown

He picks up a little bowl.
To scoop out a little water
He began plugging little leaks.
with broken little splinters.

He scooped out more water.
and he threw out more craters.
The lighter they float,
The lighter their trouble
Only one thing matters.

He climbed down the keel.
He fixed the rudders
And raised the mast
The Mariner’s song faded.
The captain’s anthem rose:
We will save the boat.
And sail home.

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