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Don’t Give Up: A Poem by Victor Akintomide


He toils night and day, under the whiplash of the sun,

He thirsts for something more, something that slips out of reach,

It writhes and crawls, the harder he tries.

Treading along the steep road, under the grey skies,

He searches for something more — something that disappeared into the fog.

“Oh please, we have come a long way, let’s return”, his inner self laments,

An endless tunnel with no light at its end is what this is,

Take a look at the past, and you have a beautiful sight,

But he thought, “A little more, and I just might”

Yet while pressing on, the fog only got thicker and thicker.

Doubts engulf his mind, he fights to see through,

Through the shroud of uncertainty of what could be.

The urge to rest drags his feet down, he could stop now,

After all, the journey ahead seems endlessly long.

Yet, the longing for what could be pulls him.

Trying harder and harder, the goal appears farther,

The weight of the lonely journey seemed to dawn on him.

And with the thought of impossibility came despair,

Mixed with the fog, leaving no room for repair.

Yet words of encouragement were nowhere to be found.

The silence of that desolate place deafens him, yet he yearns for a voice,

A voice to lend him a sight to get through the fog.

In the face of despair, he searches for his own inner light,

With every faltering step, he digs deeper within,

With a newfound resolve that burns in him, he pushed through the fog,

Each step, a testament to his will — a will forged in the smithy of trials.

In every heartache, an assured comfort,

In every doubt, a renewed passion.

In every heartbeat, a whispered prayer,

In every struggle, a heart that cares.

T’was a melodious melody resonating in his mind,

And with every step, he found the strength to transcend.

Falling, in itself, is a phase of life, one that will surely pass,

What is unforgivable about it is giving up without a fight,

So rise and shine, for in the symphony of life, you are but a note.

Let your voice soar, let your fears go,

Overcome, reach for the peak,

Silence doubt with an endless streak.

“Tough times don’t last; only tough people do”,

This is a common saying, unequivocally true.

So no matter what things may unfold,

Never give up on your dreams untold.

For when you think you’re far from the end,

A brighter future awaits, right around the bend.

Men, they say, are the custodians of favour,

But yet, favour works for those with equal fervour.

Needless to say, the world itself is a battlefront,

A stage play where you have no choice but to perform.

So, you need to put in an effort to make you stand out,

Else, when your time comes, it will find you knocked out.

The world around you might feel dark and bleak,

And the path ahead, very hard to see,

But remember, only the strong and meek,

Can rise above, and set themselves free.

Then, in the end, when the battle is won,

You’ll stand triumphant, under the sun.

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