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Ode To A Demigod: A Poem by Chukwuemeka Oluka



O demigod, to know you is to know the finest

You may not like these expressions,

But I’m sorry, I just can’t help it though

Mortal and near celestial realm,

Clothed in flesh, breaths air of gods

You are neither God nor man

Half human, half deity, your power sprawls through

Who can find me a demigod like you?

Who shall I compare thee with?

Shall I compare thee to a mere creature?

With divinity, I dare compare thee?

In realms where mortals dare to thread,

My demigod, for my sake, emerges with might

Two hearts united has one


You showed up when all took a walk

In my dark tunnel, you were the light at its end

In emotionally telling territories, you were there

Trapped in an unhealthy world, I heard your advancing steps

You gave me support without asking for it

You, the winds beneath my wings,

Made me fly from weakness to strength

Burdened with a load of care, near, you were

Amidst the conflicts, you gave me comfort

My cross seemed heavy, you lent your shoulders

The darkness grows thick! The dead-end calls

In loud quietude, your soothing voice is heard

Like the nightingale, it calms the soul,

And the dark currents lose their strength


Only a demigod understood it all

For my gain, you fought my pain

How do I deserve the love? I ask

In your warmth, I feel calm; I feel light

From zero to hero, my tale unfolds

With power from deep within I see you

O, you commune with humans and gods

You mediate, you make them one! Three!

You reconcile their raging differences

The boundaries you blur, you bridge

From Olympus to Earth, you melt the divide

You travel the mind with thy might

With all thy being and congregation

No one communes your splendour


For your company, I sold solitude to a hermit

Because I trade not the laughter you bring

In the colours, your story is told

You paint them in myth and legend

Your glory adorned with white and gold

The joy it radiates, evergreen

In my heart, it shone like a screen

The talking drum you beat

They wagged their tongues in bits

The talk of the town you became

To set their dark muse aflame

I, a constant guest, when the king dines

What more can I say when you desire no praise

My thanks, my debt, I will pay


Whenever push comes to shove,

When upon life’s billows, you face a troubled sea

Your demigod, shall I be seen

Our estates will groan in love

I will travel the length and breadth

For you deserve better than just an ode

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