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On deodorants and insecticides.

For me this matter is simple, his SGF wants to be ‘chopping’ while stopping our lawmakers from doing the same. He should know that the Nigerian way is ‘chop I chop’, that is how our democracy works and any attempt to stop it will be stiffly opposed.

Ndi Igbo it’s time to get our priorities right. Pt 1

Another major issue that had long been identified by credible studies as a negative factor towards the economic and political development of Igbo land is demographic distortion. You will hardly come across any family in the South East which does not have a member or two earning their living elsewhere.

Aare Ona Kakanfo: Gani Adams as a metaphor by Jesse Bay

Ile Kaaro Ojiire. A place where intelligence built a system and an empire. There were many civilisations members the old Africa. And a few empires....

The Senate and Saraki’s excess baggage

They say to fail to prepare is to prepare to fail. Any critical observer will agree that Saraki was never adequately prepared for this onslaught. He may have made one or two deals with powerful men who have the President’s ears but sometimes other exigencies can render such men and even the President helpless to intervene.

Much Ado About A Name.

Those who posit that naming a national monument in Abuja would have been better or making June 12th our democracy day appear to be more reasonable. However, considering that former President Obasanjo bearing, a south westerner and Abiola's kinsman blatantly refused to name as little as an alley after his brother, it becomes more commendable that GEJ was courageous enough to do this.

The Riggers of the PDP.

The riggers of PDP have continued to amaze me with their brazen display of barbarism and emptiness. It did not come as a surprise...

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