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Essay Competition: Week 6 Winner.

We have our winner for week 6. Both judges unanimously picked I Did Not Want To Die Yet by Osanyiro Oluwaseun. Osanyiro is proving to be a writer with flair. Writing on her experience with alcoholism she used the first paragraph to introduce her topic in an exquisitely creative manner that had the reader captivated and wanting more. She then beautifully developed the topic in a flowing narrative with quick recollections that didn’t derail the immediacy of her story. She concluded with the lesson she learnt. And as usual, her grammar, structure and punctuation were all accurate.  Congratulations on your second winning Osanyiro. You obviously took the judges’ recommendation last week. Keep writing! We received 15 entries out of which 14 were published. One was not published for reasons which were communicated to the writer. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide feedback this week as we worked on a tight schedule, however, we will resume in subsequent weeks. Caution: Last week we discovered plagiarised contents in one of the essays and it has also been discovered in another this week. It is clearly stated in our general rules that we have zero tolerance for plagiarism. This exercise is a journey to help us get better in reading, writing and thinking so plagiarists will be disqualified henceforth. It is noteworthy to say here that our 12 judges so far have worked independently. Yet each time they have either arrived at the same pick or had at least two essays in their top three. It is incredible and it can only mean we have chosen well and we are also doing well. We have to applaud our judges for this so please stand up wherever you are and give a round of applause for them. “clap! clap!! clap!!!” Thank you. That was a rousing one. We wish to thank our sponsors, readers, writers and everyone for their support. The community is growing bigger and better so stay with us! Next up will be the topics for week 7.

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Topics: Essay Competition Week 6.

Welcome to week 6 of cmonionline essay competition. Choose from the following topics and discuss to qualify for the N10,000 cash prize. 1. SARS: Reform or Abolish? 2. Feminism in Nigeria: Context, effects and prospects. 3. Addiction: Write creatively about one addiction you know. NB: Caption your essay as you wish. The above are topics and not necessarily titles. The word count is between (750-1500 )± 10% We will publish the essays as they come in for the audience to read. Submissions will end on Friday 09/10/2020 at 11.59 pm. Our judges for the week are two lively intellectuals, Alex Nwangwu and Nneka Obiekwe Nwogu. Please read our general rules and subscribe before submitting your work. You can submit to admin@cmonionline.com for now till the site is fully restored. Thanks and good luck!

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