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Working To Make It | Emmanuel Enaku.

“Everyone wishes to be a good writer but not everyone will; only those who put in the work will achieve this feat” is something I accepted at the start of my journey to becoming a good writer

Publishing Made Easy by Solomon Ekoja

"Without publishing, a beautiful writing piece is just a pile of rubbish useful only to its writer."- Ekoja Solomon

Blueprint: Get published in easy steps by Victor Oladejo.

Blueprint: Get published in easy steps.

What Authors don’t tell you about publishing by Esther Ojetunde

Every writer at one point in time wants to publish a world selling books, books that would bring them out there and open to them a world of opportunities.  

Newbie? Get Published Without Stress by Becky Peleowo

You've finally finished your masterpiece. You have it typed, edited and peer-reviewed by trusted professionals and you're ready to share it with the world. Congratulations but how do you get your work published? Voilà!

How Macleans Ignited My Writing Potential | Ekoja Solomon

In 2009, my writing journey was revived when a relative of mine gifted me an internet-enabled Nokia phone. With this device, I signed up for accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

The Dossier | Collins Undelikwo | Short Fiction

“Your services are no longer required.” Mr. Aku said with a smile. “My wife and I have sorted things out between us. Just yesterday after church and a nice Sunday jollof, she confessed everything!” 

A Bitter Taste In My Mouth by Peace Habila.

  Some years back, a tipsy man down the road transitioned his wife to glory. The  neighbors reported that the pounding, yelling, and  screaming were  almost ‘normal' routine. Love for husband and children were the justification the now...

Erased | Short Fiction | Enoch Akinlabi

The milky cream of the ceiling seemed to be out of focus no matter how much I attempted to concentrate.

Reflections on Being a Writer | Chisom Arueze

Now writing is way different than when I started. Now I feel a lot more confident to call myself a writer, though writing had not been any easy for me.

My Journey and the Pen | Ebube Ezeadum

Just as I have sincerely realized, laziness visits once in a while. Sometimes, in the form of a single sleepover. Other times, in the form of a visitor that wants to spend months of unwanted vacation with you.

My Journey in Ink: a Candid Piece | Gabriel Iloh

I spoke to a certain senior who talked me out of quitting. Indeed I was very close to. He encouraged me to be relentless and resilient; I just wanted to rest.

Chronicles of an Apprentice Writer | Chukwuemeka Oluka

Through it all, my approach to writing has been a deliberate one. It has involved distinguishing myself by using simple, clear and unambiguous language devoid of weird and heavy-sounding vocabulary

How Stories Stay Alive | Collins Undelikwo

It is sad when a life ends. But just as the words and characters from one writer’s story can inspire the words and characters in another’s, the words and character of the people that once lived can inspire the words and character of those still living, continuing life on a larger scale.

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