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Essay Competition: Week 7 Winner.

Ladies and gentlemen, our winning essay for week 7 is Thumb Crowning by Mbam Chukwuemeka. From a judge: “Please give this man a beer on me! That was good!! From the first word here, he got my full attention until the last paragraph. His presentation was good, and how he always finds a way to bring in Titi into the conversation tells me he is a very good writer” Congratulations Mbam Chukwuemeka on your first win. Keep writing! Some feedback 1. Lest We Forget In A Hurry by Prince Chime. “He drew me into his world with his introduction (I loved it) and did a good job by bringing to fore Achebe’s stellar contributions to the literary world but could have developed the story better with a personal touch. There is talent here” 2. Our Origin: The Nigerian Divide by Aaron Livingstone. “He made valid points in his presentation, and the layout was good and unambiguous which made it easy to follow his presentation” 3. The gods Of Social Media by Osanyinro Oluwaseun. Good essay but needs to be more engaging and evocative” We received fewer entries this week for a good reason. We focused on #EndSARS. We support the ongoing protests and we call on the government to embark on total reformation of not just the police but our entire security architecture. We wish to thank our sponsors, readers, writers and everyone for their support. Next up will be the topics for week 8.

Blog, Writers

Topics: Essay Competition Week 7.

Welcome to week 7 of cmonionline essay competition. Choose from the following topics and discuss to qualify for the N10,000 cash prize. 1. The Indigene/Settler dichotomy and resolving the Nigerian Question. 2. Social media influencers: An analysis of the pros and cons. 3. Great minds: Write creatively about a Nigerian great mind you admire. NB: The above are topics and not necessarily titles, so you can caption your essay as you wish but please don’t make it half of your work. The word count is between (750-1500 )± 10% We will publish the essays as they come in for the audience to read. Submissions will end on Friday 16/10/2020 at 11.59 pm. Our judges this week are two savvy intellectuals Nedu Uzo Okpalamma and Uche Ugwu. Please also read our general rules and subscribe before submitting your work. You can submit on the site via the submit page or to admin@cmonionline.com if you are having issues with the subscription. Thanks and good luck!

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