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Essay Competition: Week 11 Winner.

Peace Habila has won the week 11 N10,000 cash prize with her essay titled:
Sand In My Garri.
Peace is one of our consistent writers. She is a natural creative writer and this time her beautiful prose flowed so easily with a balanced combination of evocation and immediacy. Her diction was also excellent in this fluid piece of artistic creation.
Congratulations Peace, we believe you will go places with your pen.
Bolaji Alade once again displayed his talent in Reducing The Cost Of Governance In Nigeria. He did his research well and introduced the topic seamlessly. However, this essay could have nicked the prize if it explored more points on addressing the problem.
Chukwuemeka Mbam also sent in another good piece No One Wants To Bell The Cat. The writer is good with words and displayed his creativity in developing the topic. But the topic was not for a creative essay. He could have scored more with better exposition and arguments.
Shattered Pieces by Oladejo Victor and The Agbero Customer by Ojetunde Esther impressed a judge for their imagery and dialogue respectively while Finding Myself by Arueze Chisom Precious got this commendation from another judge “It is original and captivating. It is also the only one I read three times which says a lot about how interesting and well written it is”.
We got the most entries this week. Fifteen in all and they were all good essays. Congrats everyone. We can only get better. We appreciate our judges, writers and the audience. Thanks for being part of this journey.
Next up will be the topics for week 12
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