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A Realistic Dream by Michael Abiola.



Time is what we want the most but we use the worst. I have never given much thought to how I am going to spend my time after retirement. I have been focused on honing my skills and learning how to build a multi-million dollars business. But come to think of it eventually I would get to that stage where I have no choice but to retire.

Although for me I might still oversee some activities that will require my attention or presence. But one thing is sure, it would be on a minimal level. Hmmmn my retirement dreams? The big question here. I would love to explore more. I would love to do the things I have always loved like traveling, trying out new foods, reading more of history, visiting historical places, going on a boat cruise, bonding with my children, write a movie or novel, and a host of other things that interests me.


Of course, traveling will be with my wife. Those kinds of thrilling and critical moments are best enjoyed with a loved one. The first thing to do after I retire will be traveling. I would visit several places. Out of the places I would like to visit, the Zlatni rat beach stands out. The paradise beach Zlatni is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Croatia coastline and at the same time the most representative panorama of Bol. It was created by deposits of fine pebbles as sediments around the underwater reef, spreading as a small tongue as much as 500 meters into the sea. The very tip of the Zlatni rat keeps changing its shape constantly due to the influence of winds, waves, and sea circuits making it appear different and repeatedly interesting.

The Eiffel is also on my bucket list of places to visit. I so much love the history of the place. While so many believed the Eiffel tower to be a symbol of love located in the city of love. They fail to notice the history of the place. The Eiffel tower was stretched to the Parisian skies 127 years ago. Although now symbolic to France, it wasn’t meant to last. Without a doubt, the turning point in the Eiffel tower history took place at the 1889 universal exposition. In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution, a competition was organized to build on the Champ-de-Mars an iron tower with a square base 125 meters wide and 300 meters high.


Out of the 107 submitted, Gustave Eiffel’s was chosen. The Eiffel tower history was not an easy one. At the time many were against the building and vowed their concern in a letter entitled “Artists against Mr. Eiffel’s Tower” stating the tower to be a threat against the aesthetic nature of Paris. An iron tower erected smack in the heart of Paris was considered unacceptable, a stark contrast to the elegance and refined beauty of the city. For example, Verlaine nicknamed the Eiffel tower the skeleton of Beffoi to demonstrate the giant tower’s ugly appearance that was bound to disfigure the city.

Despite all the uproar and resistance the frail iron tower would nonetheless see the day. By the way, the tower was named after the engineer that constructed it, Gustave Eiffel. The construction lasted for 2yrs. When it is lit up at the night, it gives a true treat to the eyes. This spectacular sight becomes appealing due to the flashing lights used on the tower. A beautiful cafe with a public viewing space is located on the top floor of the Eiffel Tower. Countless proposals are made on the tower every year. Honeymooners and couples go to the place to enjoy breathtaking views. Hence my obsession with the place. Who knows I might even propose to my wife there?


And talking about historical places I would love to visit the Great Wall of China. The Great Wall of China is one of the greatest sights in the world – the longest wall in the world an awe-inspiring feat of ancient defensive architecture. It’s winding path over rugged country and steep mountains take in some great scenery. The long walk has a long history of more than 2300 years. It was built in different areas by different states or dynasties to protect different territorial borders. The Great Wall was built to prevent invasion and to protect the silk road trade. It is a beautiful place to visit.


I am also a big fan of mouth-watering delicious meals. I would also visit some of the best restaurants in the world to try out different meals. All of this will require money. Thinking of my retirement dreams, I have never been more charged to make this a reality. For me, I believe the time is the greatest asset man can possess if used properly. This is why it must be judiciously spent. And making this retirement dream happen will be a good use of time.


Michael is a writer interested in Scriptwriting, Fiction, Human Psychology and Persuasion. He wrote in via abiolamichael02@gmail.com

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