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The 2nd Wave Of Covid-19 : Building A Resilient Capacity To A Glorious Exit by Victor Okonjo.



The invasion of the dreaded monster corona virus also known as the covid 19 pandemic into the human race was one that caught all and sundry unaware. Human activities and life style have been adjusted in different dimension due to the resultant effects of the covid 19 pandemic. With Nigeria as a case study, the emergence of corona virus redirected the usual agenda of both the government and the governed. All effort was put in place to curb the spread of the covid 19 pandemic since its inception. At a time when one thought we were rounding up the fight against covid 19 the second wave came more intense. Before we talk about how to defeat the second wave of the covid 19 pandemic especially through the use of home grown solutions, let us see how we handled the first wave of the covid 19 pandemic.

A Review on the First Wave of Covid 19 Pandemic and it Management:

In Nigeria, some persons would agree that the emergence of corona virus exposed the level of deficit in infrastructural development across board. It made everyone to realize that there were alternatives to the normal ways of doing things and that became the new normal. The threat of covid 19 pandemic and it attendant effect forced hands to be on deck. This paved way for the application of local content to prevent the spread of covid 19. We saw how face mask were improvised to meet local demand; Members of the academia intensified effort to scale up the production of hand sanitizer and automated hand washing compartment; automated body sanitizing machine and improvised ventilators were produced by science and technology experts. There were also attempt by herbal specialists to see the possibility of developing curative measure against covid 19 pandemic through herbal remedy but are yet to be scientifically proven. All these took place in the period under review during the first wave of the covid 19 pandemic amidst several challenges. Government was dared to do the needful by upgrading health facilities after reckless abandon for years. At a time when the tide of the first wave was going down, many thought it was a good omen until the re-insurgence of the second wave of covid 19.

Applying Gained Lessons to Develop Resilient Capacity Over Second Wave of Covid 19:

The re-insurgence of the covid 19 pandemic popularly addressed as the second wave is said to be more deadly than the former and a setback on the fight against covid 19 pandemic. However, with the development and production of vaccines, there is a sense of optimism for a way out. Nigeria, on her own path, must seize the opportunity to be more responsible in the fight against covid 19. This can be done using gained lessons from the former to develop resilient capacity towards a glorious exist.  For it is our common wish to see covid 19 go extinct from our domain and come out victorious against the dreaded monster (covid 19). Furthermore, the moment of time send us a clear signal that we have no choice than to rise to the occasion in dealing with the covid 19 pandemic. To achieve this, we must look inward and take close scrutiny on the lessons gained thus far with a view to deliberately develop homegrown solutions. As a country, we should be looking inward more than outward in galvanizing steps to tackle major confronting issues. This is the time to articulate local resources to deal with the spread and prevention of covid 19. While other countries of the world spend time in developing their local base with local resources, Nigeria should not stay put but get busy in rallying her scientists and medical experts to a cooperative effort in enhancing local content and human capacity development. This is with a view to facilitate the development of treatment and prevention mechanism against covid 19. Nigeria has a league of talented individuals especially in the area of science and technology the only problem is lack of encouragement and support. It should not be on every occasion that the country seeks help over her problems outside her shores even without first looking inward for local solutions. We should believe in our local content and capacities to prove our resilience in order to witness a glorious exist from the covid 19 pandemic. Covid 19 pandemic has opened our eyes to the true realities that charity indeed begins at home. As people who seek development and growth, we should be crusaders in advancing the campaign of improved inclusion of local content to address local problems and concerns. Homegrown solutions are usually more effective than imported ones if given due preference. This is because, it is been developed by local experts who have a good understanding of local concerns. Just as we were able to express the ingenuity of local skills to improvise non pharmaceutical items like face mask , hand sanitizer, hand washing facilities, ventilator e.t.c  during the first wave, we can also improve and advance further in harnessing the potential of local content through the homegrown solution ideology. Nigeria has a lot to gain in giving due appraisal and consideration to homegrown solution. When we embrace this path, with conscious and consistent effort, we will invigorate a resilient capacity against the second wave of covid 19 or any other odds and achieve a glorious exist.


Victor Okonjo wrote in via okonjovico@gmail.com

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