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Essay Competition: Week 19 Winner.


Ladies and gentlemen, we have our winner for week 19. He is Oluwafisayo Saberedowo with the essay titled Valley Of Decisions.


Oluwafisayo captures the reader with daring descriptions which elicit mental imagery too good to overlook. But the clincher in this particular essay was the dialogue. It is often said that in creative writing, dialogue can make or mar your work so it is usually a difficult task to strike a balance. Oluwafisayo didn’t underuse nor bore the reader with dialogue because of his ability to weave a tale around one incident in just one location. Baring one or two typos the essay was excellent.

Congratulations Oluwafisayo. Keep writing.

Feedback: Our two winners of the previous week impressed again with their works A Love Rookie by Onyedikachi Johnson and The Appointment Of New Service Chiefs: A Possible Breakthrough by Oluremi Daniel.

Onyedikachi always leaves the reader awed and the ending of this piece was mind-blowing. Undoubtedly, he is going places. Oluremi also did a good job in examining the insecurity issue alongside the appointment of new service chiefs. Surprisingly, he showed a good grasp of current affairs and political history in this very well written essay.

Another essay that made the top 5 for both judges is Accused by Emmanuel Enaku. This was a good and emotional story but could be better if the writer adopts the creative writing tenet of “show don’t tell”.

Debutant Roselyn Sho-Olajide also showed up with  My First Love while Amoye Favour wrote well in Last Days At Exalted High School.

Overall we had 16 entries and 14 were all published while two didn’t meet the deadline. You can agree that we are getting better as the quality and standard of writing has improved. All the essays published since the new year have been good and on a different day, each could have won.

We appreciate our judges for doing a good job. We applaud our writers and we say thanks to our audience for reading.

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