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Last Days At Exalted High School by Amoye Favour.


The Long-Awaited Day Was Here!!

It had been 6 years of grueling academic contests, reading huge textbooks, gate-crashing lessons, Having overnight reading sessions et all. And finally, we were about to leave the 3ft world of our secondary school to pursue our respective paths in the tertiary institutions of our choices.

The grandeur of the day had been well spoken of amongst parents, outsiders, and chiefly among us- the students. The culture of the day- “valedictory day” had been passed across to us from our seniors and we all badly wanted to experience it as the tone in which the seniors narrated made it seem as the day of their dreams, well were about to find out what it really would be.


My friends and I happened to be the coolest boy gang in the school. Popularly labeled as the “golden guys”, we were known for all that ever was on our school compound. Amongst six of us, we had the most handsome, the most brilliant, the savviest, the best sports player amongst other categories. And yet, we weren’t about to stop that even on the last official day in school, and true to our collective word, we did come through.


On the day of the event, we all dressed peng in our tuxedos- crisp satin facing on the lapels, our golden buttons, and our smooth pocket trims, we were the pick of the bunch amongst our peers. As expected, we were well noticed as we entered the venue.  We then proceeded to quietly take seats beside our “girlfriends”. My journey with my girlfriend, in particular, had been sort of a rollercoaster ever since our first year in school and there we were, six years later smiling at each other and reminiscing of the tales of the past six years.


It was a fateful morning in the first year of high school when Brenda approached me to show her the way through the school compound. A majestic edifice built on a land area of 1kmx1km, it indeed was enormous in all sense of the word. I was also a freshman but I didn’t decline, I guess it was the proverbial case of a blind man leading a blind man along but what did I care, this beauty’s request was just too gorgeous for me to reveal my ignorance.


We soon began our “tour” around the school and I managed to at least convince her to a certain extent that I knew my way around the school but my demeanor couldn’t hold up for long as the more we walked, my description became more and more incoherent with me muttering and almost getting lost, she soon realized what I was really up to.

She then smiled as we quietly retraced our steps back to the open parts of the school, we had long veered off and she realized that I was only keen on walking and getting to meet and talk to her rather than showing her the way around.

From there on, it had been a wonderful journey of affection between us, the whole school was always keen on knowing how things were between me and Brenda. Brenda in particular was always in the public eye as she was a striking beauty, sought out by many but gotten by one- I.


And there we were on the dinner table having weathered the storm of the six years as best friends and pals, as close mates who read together and it was no surprise when our proprietress announced us both as the joint best graduating students.


For all the hype the event had before our set, It did live up and I was more than proud to mount upon the stage to give the vote of thanks in front of the distinguished parents and students after which the event then dissolved as everyone left for their homes. I was keen on talking to Brenda at length for us to discuss “Us”.


She soon dragged me aside and we began talking about our aspirations, in particular, she waxed lyrical about how she wanted to become a successful medical doctor, I soon followed suit. I talked about my lifelong passion for being an astronaut and changing the view of the outside world about Nigeria and our ability to produce space technicians of reputable standards.


After then, we held hands, and then I told her that I had something to tell her and she also said she had something to tell me also, we then agreed that whatever it is we wanted to say, that we say it in unison right at the very same time. It was a weird scene but we opted to do it that way. And there and then, the magic word came out.


“I love You” was the magic word we both belted out in unison. The symphony of words we just had made us kind of giddy and all sorts and there we were staring at each other with love ebbing out of both of us to each other, after which we shared a long emotional hug.   “I wasn’t expecting her to say it back, because it had been like a rollercoaster where we both liked each other. But it was something I was feeling.” If only all guys had such a desire to express their feelings, then it won’t be weird when saying it or hearing it for the first time.


But there it happened and we were both glad it did, I soon saw her off to her dad’s car as she drove off but not until we shared an intimate kiss , tears trickled down my eyes as I let her go at that point but I guess it was only teenage tears as I and Brenda are still waxing strong with the hope that one day we shall tie the nuptial knots right in front of those that have known us from the very beginning- our mates from Exalted High school.


Amoye Favour a student of Obafemi Awolowo University is a poet and copywriter whose writings (mostly poetry) have been published in so many literary magazines such as Literatus issue.

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