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Illiteracy, The Cause Of Social Problems by Ojetunde Esther.



From the OXFORD ADVANCED LEARNERS DICTIONARY, an illetrate is referred to as a person not knowing how to read or write. Social is defined as being connected with society and the way it is organized while problem, is a thing that is difficult to deal with or to understand.

Putting these definitions together, we can however say that the topic mean not knowing how to read or write is a cause of societal inability to deal with.

Nigeria is a country that houses a high number of people with one educational qualification or the other, so why do we trend on social problems? The reason is that most Nigerians have been turned into dummies just learning how to cram and pour for exams and passing through school. The system does not ingrain values into the hearts of students. Students with impeccable characters are not rewarded, they are mostly condemned and neglected; they are regarded as not being smart. The educational system is designed in such a way that as long as you can come out with an outstanding grade you are too be rewarded. This then calls for concerns because those students turn out each year having passed through four, five or six years of study and craftiness, they imbibe it into the society. They say it is not by hard work or diligence it is by connection or having money.

Having that mind they go through anything as long as they have their results and we all know that can be deadly. Anything that does not pass through the normal course of hard work diligence and maturity will not last.

A man therefore graduates with good grades from the University goes around searching for job. He is met with companies turning him down due to having no connection. He meets his friend who he knows played all through school cruising a jeep. He is amazed, the friend gives his card, dipped his hand into his purse bringing out cash, not bothering to count it, hands it over to his friend with a promise to help him when they meet. They meet and he is again amazed at how massive the house his. He is met with another amazement getting in and seeing an expensively furnished house.His wife comes him and they are introduced. He was served well that he could not help but sigh. He remembers the pressure from home to get a job and get married. Salewa his girlfriend asking to break up if he can not meet her needs. He is jolted out of his thoughts by his friend, who asked him what he was thinking. He muttered my friend show me the way. His friend smiles promising to look into his matter and told him to relax. Few days after he is taken to the house of an herbalist where he is told to give up a person he truly loves for him to be wealthy. He gives his mother up and the wealth comes.

Months after, the herbalist told him he had to take on more sacrifices to be able to retain his wealth, pregnant women, virgins, day old babies and a lot are used to keep money flowing.

Or a man who decides to kidnap people either to gain money from the family or to sell to ritualst who uses their body parts for money.

Or a young lady who finished from school and in a bid to keep up with trends prostitutes herself for wealth to married men and men old enough to be her father.

The younger generation watches how these things go, because most of these people become superstars. People want to be associated with people who have money than someone who is wise. They themselves not wanting to be like that decides to go by those lessons. Then the cycle revolves.

I’lletracy in this twenty- first century has therefore gone beyond been able to read and write to been able to differentiate between right and wrong , and going on the right path. The right path will always lead to peace and every good thing. Let us therefore, embrace societal values and good morals in our activities, as a Doctor who kills patients for money Is the same as a drop out that performs armed robbery. Together we can bring our societal problem to its root!

Ojetunde Esther, a first-year student of Pharmacy in the University of Lagos wrote in via ojetundeesther45@gmail.com


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