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For the Sake of Love by Adebayo Pelumi



Mr Dublin is a very young and handsome man in his late 40’s. He works as a secretary at Grapefruit public limited company. He married at the age of twenty six and have two children. The name of his wife is Carolina and the names of his children are Mira and Sora respectively and they were both Female. Mira is a year two student at the university of ibadan, while Sora is in college school at Mayfield international school. Mr Dublin wife works as a part time house help. Everything is going well for Mr Dublin family until the day he was arrested and sentence to life imprisonment in which you will know why he was sentences in the letter he is going to write to his family while serving his jail time.

Mr Dublin is seen in the prison yard crying profusely and thinking about his life and what brought him to the prison.He seems to be so engrossed with his thinking that he didn’t notice that one of the inmate named Stephen has been standing besides him for over fifteen minutes. The following conversation happened between them.

Stephen: Hey. What are you thinking that much that is making you shedding tears.

Mr Dublin: Stephen; I have been thinking about a lot of things and could not help but cried my heart out.

Stephen: What, can you share me

Mr Dublin: Did you know my family is really angry and disappointed in me. Did you know none of my family have come to visit me, including my mother since I came to this prison. My wife and my children didn’t want to see me or talk to me either. Don’t you see I am done for. I have been sentence to life imprisonment and now I don’t have any family to look upon. And did you know that what lead me to this prison is for their own benefit. How I wish I could explain that to them maybe I will be forgiven but how can I do that now.

Stephen: Mr Dublin,there is actually a way you can make your heart or thought know to your family while in prison. You can write a letter to them and write anything you want to tell them in the letter and send it to them.

Mr Dublin: Really. I don’t know. I thought all communication is being cutoff while in prison except visitation.

Stephen: Mr Dublin, you can still write a letter. Go ahead and make your intension know to your family through the letter. I leave you now and please stop crying because crying can’t solve this issues.

Mr Dublin: Okay. Thanks.

Mr Dublin is seen sitting down alone at the prison yard focusing on the letter he is writing to send to his family.

The letter read:

Good day my wife and family. How are my children. My wife, hope you and my children are doing fine. Mum, how are you and others doing also. I know I am not worthy to be a husband to my wife and children again and also to be part of the family. I know it will be very hard for you guys and you all including my children are facing a challenges because of the mistake you or neither the children make. You know my dear wife, I have always love you and my children always and will keep loving you guys. Even though I am serving a life sentence in prison, my heart and mind is still with you and my children. I really did what land me into life imprisonment because of the love I have for you and my children and didn’t want you all to suffer. I know you guys might still not believe I did what I was imprisoned for but I am using this medium to tell you all that I am guilty of the offence. You guys are probably getting more angry with me or maybe feeling sorry after reading this confession and want to know why I did that.

As I wrote in the first paragraph, my dear wife. I love you and my children and can do anything to make you and my children happy. My dear wife did you remember how they sent our children back from school and could not do examination with their mate because we could not pay their school fees. Did you remember how embarrassed you are because you could not do things your mate are doing because you marry someone with a low pay job. I know how hurt you are while people are blasphemy you and embarrassing you because of the part time house help you are doing. Though you tried hard to hide the pain but I can possibly read you because I am your husband. Mum, did you know lack of money to buy your drugs regularly makes your illness chronic and the only solution is operation which requires thousands of naira.

I could not bear you, my wife and my children suffer, so I think of another job to do but no employment opportunity. I submit my CV to different companies online but no one call me for interviews for months; then I knew there is no job opportunity outside. After two years of hunting for another job without a sucess story; I could not think of any self job that can bring money fast than robbery. I said to myself, if I can successfully rob a rich man house a night, what I will get will be enough to take care of my family pressing needs at that moment and at least give you all the kind of life you all deserve. My dear wife do you remember the night we had a fight because I came home around 2am in the midnight. That night was my first operation and the money I got in the operation is the one that we used to clear our children debts at school and also settled our own debt too. Mum,the money was also used to pay for your surgery.Though I lied that I borrowed it with a long year repayment because I want to keep you,my wife and my children life out of the truama and keep it a secret from you all forever. I am overwhelmed by the amount of money I am getting in each successful operation. The fact that I can provide for my family again and make them happy motivated me to keep going.I could not bring myself to stop this my newly founded robbery job because I don’t want you all to have a once enjoyment life. I want to make sure you all are happy forever and will not have any course to fear being critize or disgrace because of money again. My dear wife. The day I was being caught. That day I didn’t want to go out for operation but because of the urgent amount of two hundred and fifty thousand you need make me set out. And also I don’t intend to kill any victims of my robbery but my last operation victims is my company manager friend. The fear of being exposed and him telling the manager make me kill him.

Dear family, serving a life imprisonment has been the worst experience I have ever had. No good food, cutting of grasses on a daily bases, defecating in the same small room we are sleeping and even bullying from other fellow inmate. What about the warders rude,cruel, arrogant and wicked attitude towards us. Please I beg you all not to make a wrong decision and also took a bad step because of money. My dear family,I Know I might have caused you all more pain that I don’t want you guys to experience. I understand what you guys might be passing through and you all have the right to disown me and be angry but I am using this time to apologize and say I am very sorry for the pain I might have caused you all. I Know apologizing can not replace the damages I have caused but I really need you guys love and care at this time of my tribulation. I want to be loved by you guys again. I want to be called father and husband again as long as I am still alive. It really hurt my heart that things end this way but I can’t help the situation right now since I am already serving a life imprisonment. Please my dear wife, I need you to bring my children to come and visit me so I can apologize to them properly. Mum, I really need you to to forgive me and show me your motherly love again. Even though I am sad and not happy about the current situation right now. Even though life seems meaniless to me right now and there is no hope of me being bailed or release anytime soon.seeing you all again will really comfort my soul and make me smile again.







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