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Dissed by Peace Habila.

The first day my eyes fell on him, the brightness of the earth went blurred for few seconds. He was a piece of art...

The bad waiter — player’s proof by Emmanuel Enaku

I was happy. The room was getting ready quickly. Her flight was to have gotten mid-air and I expected Vice-Admiral Blessed Noah in a few hours. I checked my watch again, an apple watch ultra — with those scintillating red stuff — and nodded my head.

A Christmas Breakfast  by Becky O. Peleowo

Breakfast was set. A simple Christmas meal of bread and omelettes. The chicken will be served later. Tade loves a light breakfast.

The Trophy Wife by Oluwaseun Osanyinro

As I shut the door to the last member of my family leaving, I heaved a sigh of relief at work done and walked back to my kitchen. My whole house was well-lit with every Christmas decoration available and finally homey, thanks to my family.

I Was Served Breakfast by Gloria Diji

“Calm down he is coming from Asaba, maybe there is traffic”. He told me two weeks ago that he got an appointment in Asaba, a very big contract he had said, he would love to see me first before going to his house, when he returned. Probably the Lagos traffic held him, I couldn’t tell and I didn’t even what to think about it.

Just Like In The Novels by Johnson Onyedikachi.

“I can find out right down to the colour of her panties,” Obasi said, smiling confidently. “Anything you want to know, I will find...

The Advocate by Roselyn Sho – Olajide.

One look at the stick, and Tessa’s heart flipped several times. She felt as if she was mull kicked in the gut; she was...

Many Are Mad But Few Are Roaming by Arueze Chisom.

A part of me knew I could die if I stayed longer, we hadn’t gone half way to the market but immediately I saw...

Hammered by Ebube Ezeadum.

“No, It's not funny!” Jessica's lips were like an old newspaper that had been used to sell Akara. “Whaaat..." Christopher and I giggled at the...

Black Tuesday by Oladejo Victor.

Outside, the air was cold. Algae were floating on the surface of the swamp. He saw footprints on the surface. The footprints were scattered and some were almost covered with the swamp water. He shifted his gaze to the ridges by the side of the swamp which was close to the bridge.

The Hunch by Oluwaseun Osanyinro.

  Our driver stopped suddenly and got down to the amazement of everyone in the bus. He was fed up with the insults hurled at...

The Ugly Entanglement by Mike Ogbonnaya.

"Bayo, Abeg borrow me money. Just #10,000, I get three sure games wey go bring #100,000. Na one man from abroad give me the...

Working To Make It | Emmanuel Enaku.

“Everyone wishes to be a good writer but not everyone will; only those who put in the work will achieve this feat” is something I accepted at the start of my journey to becoming a good writer

How Macleans Ignited My Writing Potential | Ekoja Solomon

In 2009, my writing journey was revived when a relative of mine gifted me an internet-enabled Nokia phone. With this device, I signed up for accounts on Facebook and Twitter.

The Dossier | Collins Undelikwo | Short Fiction

“Your services are no longer required.” Mr. Aku said with a smile. “My wife and I have sorted things out between us. Just yesterday after church and a nice Sunday jollof, she confessed everything!” 

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