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The Birds Chirp by Ferdinand Princess Chinwendu



The birds chirped and the rays of the sun could be seen piercing into a dark room through a rectangular shaped window crossed vertically with thick bars possessing shadows which appears to be resting on John’s face. His overgrown beards really tell that he had been in this room for a long time.

The dark room seem to become brighter as we see that John has two other inmates who were still enveloped in darkness at the other edge of the room. The morning bell rang signifying it’s time to wake up and continue the normal routine which involves bathing and eating, then after, manual labour.

It was a Sunday a perculiar day the prisoners were given the opportunity to write letters and make calls to their loved ones after their manual labour. John could be seen in the long line waiting for his turn in his particular communication chamber. The men besides him chatted non-chalantly about women and the memories of when they last had pleasure. John seemed unperturbed by this as he was lost in deep thought about Christabel. The time ticked and two hours have past. It is now John’s turn to enter the chamber.

He enters into the chamber without hesitation, greets the clerk who in turn asked him if he wanted to make a call or write to his family. John hesitated but finally chose to write. For some reason, John couldn’t write proper English as he is a school drop-out, but this didn’t give him a hinch of disturbing thought as it is not his first time writing to Christabel. He begins with the address stating. “No. 8 Chief Alum State, Enugu Prison, Independence Layout. Dear Kristabel, it’s been 10 years since I last saw you. I know it’s been difficult and uneasy ever since day one, I dey miss you so much, but the issue be say you never visit me, even to call self or even to drop letter. And the tin be say e been dey boda me too much. You know that I love you and the children. How them even be self. Hope una still dey find food chop. Are they still going to school , you know I haven’t been working. How’s the economy treating you. I’ve been suffering so much, the punishment dey too much and unbearable. Please abeg, kristimmmooooo, no leave me marry another man. I promise to find a way out of here, just give me small time. How your mum and dad, hope say them no dey force you to marry another man. No agreeoooo, my love no agree….” John stops as the pen seemed to stop working for a moment. He flinged the pen in a pendulous manner to aid flow of ink. Then again he continued ” …..you know that my friend Moses, I call am say make him give you money from my savings wey him dey in charge of, use am buy something for your self and the children…..” . As John continued to write endlessly, engulfed in so many things to share with Christabel, the clerk interrupted, reminding him about the time limit and encouraged him to write faster. John flings the pen once more and continues.” …. Pls still stay for me, no abandon me abeg and I promise to find a way out of here and finally stay with you forever. I so much Miss your touch and kisses…” “Oga your time is up” said the clerk as he collected the pen and paper forcefully from John’s grip, with a sad expression, John stood up as ordered and left the chamber.

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