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How To Create Content Fast by Favour Elochukwu



Do you create content and get burnt out easily for no cause?

Do you think you don’t know what kind of content to create and you spend the whole day creating content which makes your day kind of unproductive?

Are you a busy person and you don’t have the money to hire a content creator for your brand or business?

This is how to create content FAST:

1. Know your target audience and the type of content they want. To know your target audience, ask yourself what kind of people would need your services or products or content. From this, you would be able to detect the type of content to create for them. It might be short or long form content. It can be videos, in writing, pictures, infographics.

2. Make sure you understand the content you’re about to create. If you don’t understand it, it would be hard to create. But, why do you even want to create content on what you don’t understand?

3. Have a content strategy plan/goal. You may want to create content that will give you more publicity (doesn’t mean you should lie), sales, leads or influence. For example: you can create a post with the title, “How to make yummy fried rice with wine”, How to make paw paw stew”. It would get people wondering and wanting to read your post if your goal is more followers or publicity.

When you have done what I listed in Number 1 to 3, creating content becomes easier and the time to create content is shortened.

4. The next thing to do is to get content ideas either from experiences or online or daily business activities or knowledge or my content ideas pack(Send me a DM if you want one. It is not free). These content ideas should be centered on your content strategy.

With your content idea, you can now draft out your content, make sure it has a headline/introduction, body of content then your conclusion/CTA(Call to action e.g. like this post, share this post).

If you follow these steps, you can create 3 days worth of content in a day without racking your mind. Did you learn anything? Yes? Then share with fellow content creators.


About the Writer

Favour Elochukwu is a content creator, social media manager and law student at Nnamdi Azikiwe university. Connect with her on Facebook or visit her website


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