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The Winner Of N100k For The 21-Day Challenge Is…..


Becky Peleowo!

We had a peer review to select the winner of our creative assignment for the 21-day challenge on 7/01/2024 with the following criteria.

i. No self-nomination
ii. Nominate 2 ONLY and explain why they deserve the prize.
iii. A tie will be broken by the publisher.

After the contributions and nominations by some members of the community, Becky Peleowo and Victor Oladejo tied at 3 nominations each.

Immigrants of the Turbulent Waters is a thought-provoking project that demonstrates Becky’s versatility as well as a testament to her progress in creating rich media content.

Dear Netizens embodies Victor’s talent as a creative and its captivating cover image shows that our mantra of stacking up digital skills has been embraced by this young writer.

As we agreed, the community will strive to reward the best works instead of paying out tokens to encourage everyone. Hopefully, we will start rewarding our intellect with millions of naira soon enough.

To break the tie I considered participation and other factors but I will summarise my assessment by paraphrasing the honest appraisal of one of us.

“Becky — I noticed that she attended the pre-21-day challenge meetings on
Sundays and this helped her in chronicling her work. From her work,
she worked on a vocalised poem and attended a skill acquisition which
is a testament to her judicious use of time” 

“Victor —  I like the fact that he listened to the advice to reduce his
unproductive time on Twitter and created a work on Netizens.
Hopefully, his next digital project will involve more forms of media production

The projects by Solomon Ekoja and Oluwaseun Osanyinro were equally good. We can be proud that our writers can now create multimedia content. It shows we have come of age. The baby step taken in 2020 has developed into adult strides that will eventually become giant leaps.

The 21-day challenge will be a recurring fixture because it will form part of a digital product I’m developing. As we already know, the best part of our journey together is yet to come. By the end of January, we will meet again to chart the path for 2024 starting with our Book In A Year challenge which commenced in June 2023.

I thank everyone for their support especially those who participated in this challenge. I’m fulfilled that we learned a thing or two. I also use this opportunity to appeal for more participation from our community.

Happy New Year!

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