A Thorn in the Flesh by Excel Olunusi

It was time for their case to be called, but she was nowhere to be found. The lawyer's eyes darted around the courtroom. It seemed she had suddenly vanished from the vision range.

My Tomi by Collins Undelikwo

I know I have no future, Tomi. A future where I'd live in a loop of suffering is not one to look forward to. A future without you is meaningless. It's hell. And I'm the devil that's created it. 

The Last Letters of Federico Halmiton by Taiwo Bello

I would have loved to make this letter a merry one and not filled with the woes of my life. I woke up to see my roommate drenched in sweat and having a high fever while murmuring in his sleep.

The Good, Bad, Ugly by Oluwaseun Osanyinro

With the group session starting in about 5 minutes, Lara had same amount of time to contemplate if she would stay or run

Ololufemi by Enoch Akinlabi

When I met you, the clouds didn’t part, neither did angels sing, instead the whole world seemed to go silent because all that was in focus was you.

The Good Man by Victor Oladejo

Wura scooped what was left of the fried eggs, then she gulped her water and dashed for the bathroom.

The Storm by Collins Undelikwo

Dikan didn't know Kinshasa street. Abuja was too big for him to know every street and he didn't understand why this Lolli girl couldn't see that.

Twisted Fate by Peace Habila

When I joined the firm, he was one of the few people I got attracted to without really double-checking my hormones

Between Monogamy and Polygamy: Choosing a Better Marriage by Ojetunde Esther

At first the polygamy was very popular in the west part of Africa, but as the Islam has started to diffuse in this region, the prevalence of polygamy has started to continuously reduce due to the restrictions that appeared to the number of wives.

Polygamy Or Monogamy: An Examination of Both Marriage Forms by Chinonso...

Monogamy is practiced by progressive families. A common reason people practice monogamy apart from religious belief is for fruitful companionship. 

Between Polygamy and Monogamy: A Battle of Choice by Solomon Ekoja

Both marriages are not alien to youths because as one moves around the community, it is very common to find monogamous and polygamous marriages.

Two Lovers, A Boy, An Accident by Orhemba Jeremiah

  1. The nineteen year old turns the thought over and over. He will go to work. No, he won’t. At this, he clutches his stomach, folds his knees...



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