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Why ‘No Blood, No Glory’ Should End by Oluwatimilehin Folarin.




‘No blood, no glory’ gained limelight in the popular Mount Zion movie titled, “Abattoir.” In the Faith-based movie, Mr. Durosanya, sacrificed his wife to attain a feat he longed for in the political space. Gbade, who was the Inspector General of Police, happens to be Durosanya’s friend as they both belong to the same cult which warranted the murdering case to be concealed. Afterwards, the phrase, ‘No blood, no glory’ became a popular saying between both parties as they constantly reminded themselves that the ritual killing of human beings is a determinant factor in their sphere of life.

Apart from the extremely embedded occult beliefs associated with ritual killings, the vehement proclivity for taking unfair advantages over others has made the slaying of people rampant. So, in contract winning, tendering process, attaining high positions, political races, elections, or anything that deals with unhealthy competitions of any kind, individuals tend to seek undue advantage or edge over others. This makes them go the extra mile with the mindset of getting the job done at all cost. Hence, they do all the jazz it takes, reasonable or ruthless (– in most cases) to achieve and attain their heart desire and consequently, they turn to kill their fellow human beings in the process.


Undoubtedly, the outbreak of killings for ritual purposes is becoming more profuse day in, day out, especially in Nigeria where there is an insignificant visible effort from the security agencies who are saddled with the responsibility of protecting the lives of the populace. Judging from the rate at which people are frowning against this nefarious act, one would think the killing of people for rituals should be dwindling; rather, it is on the increase in Nigeria due to struggle for power, influence, wealth, etc. It is so sad that we are combating this act when other countries in the other part of the world are making innovations and advancing in technology. Join me as we take a cursory look at the causes of ritual killings in Nigeria.

Political leaders are involved

The indulgence of vast number of people in search of power, influence, wealth, etc has been made evident as some political figures and government officials have been alleged by arrested suspects and herbalists who assert that they use humans for rituals to maintain their affluence and also remain in positions of power. [1] A politician who is hell-bent on winning a tightly contested seat, willing and ready to do what it takes in this part of the world visits the ‘science man’ in desperation of his ambition whether deservedly or undeservedly. So sad!

Going forward, this is the reason why reports have shown that the cases of ritual killings and losses of persons are unusually high when electoral periods are fast approaching. These scroungers hide under ‘umbrellas’ of any slightest opportunity to get their victims. For a number of them, they abduct people from various points, while few of them, pretend to be commercial bus drivers, and channel unsuspecting commuters to their vehicles at bus-stop just to transport them to their slaughter slabs to carry out their wicked intention.


Make money quick perspective

The transition to the era of trading human parts for sale seems to have come to stay. People from different spheres of life now patronize cemetery officials, herbalists, or herbal traders. According to a report by Evelyn Usman on Vanguard, it was stated from information gathered that a fresh human head is valued at N60,000 and above, while a skull could be purchased at N20,000. Not only that, a fresh leg and a finger goes for N30,000 and N5,000 respectively, while a putrid leg could go for N20,000 and a decomposed finger is sold at the rate of 3,000. [2] The money being made in this forbidding way has blindfolded some people.

Also, in the nervousness of young Nigerians to join the scores of millionaires without waiting patiently for steady growth in their career path, they sojourn in a crooked way by resorting to the use of charms, mysterious powers, and use of their friends or innocent people for rituals. These rituals are done to enhance the possibility of these young chaps who are fraudsters to hypnotize the victims. The rituals will aid them to be showered with money beyond their imagination by the unsuspecting victim(s).

To make fame

It is prevalent that people now sacrifice the blood of their fellow human beings to be famous. After making consultation with peers, a person desirous of fame could be misled to meet with a babalawo who would demand to make some charms for him using body parts or some specific set of people which include but not limited to an albino, a baby, someone with a hunchback, etc. The person in search of prominence proceeds to hire a kidnapper or body part merchant who delivers the cadaverous parts which will be used by the babalowo to fabricate his dreadful medicine and charms.



With all being said, who sits at the peak in this pile of evil entailed in the killing of people for ritual? Is it the person in pursuit of fame, the politically overwhelmed man, the youths that are in quest for quick money, the body part merchants, the kidnappers, or the herbalists and the witch doctors? As long as they all constitute the menace that makes up the ecosystem, the continued rising of ritual killing in Nigeria and beyond rests on the shoulder of them all. The reason people ‘seek for glory’ fueled with greed, anger, and vengefulness to any detriment has led to the shedding of innocent blood which needs to stop now!

Before the topic of this week’s essay contest was unveiled, one of the contending discussions I had with my friends lately centered on how the killing of people for rituals could be combated and reduced to the minimum. What a coincidence I will share my ideas with millions of people here!

First, I would suggest that massive awareness should be done to re-educate many Nigerians that joining cults has more harm than good (I even doubt if any good thing comes of out it). Although, this kind of mission can be as difficult as making a camel pass through a needle, nevertheless, it should start from institutions of learning if a visible shift is to be attained. This approach has worked in top universities like University of Ibadan, University of Benin, and other prominent schools as awareness campaigns have helped reduce the menace of occult groups which have invariably lower the rate at which people are being killed.

Furthermore, people need to be educated on how to be more cautious and careful of their surroundings. If the commuters or driver in a vehicle you are about to board look suspicious, do not enter the vehicle! Do not pass a silent path lonely, especially in the dark! Do not entertain a ride from someone you do not know! This life is getting full of evil every day and one needs to be very careful, otherwise, he/she might land in the hands of kidnappers or body merchants who might use the body for rituals.

Also, being intentional about creating job opportunities by the government will be another saving grace. The creation of employments will steer away desperate young folks who are being used as body part merchants, kidnappers, or murderers. People will now be busy doing productive works that can bring them tangible funds and not be entangled with acts that involve shedding blood.

Moving forwards, it is vital to reiterate that the race for political offices should not be a do-or-die affair. Aspirants should rather see politics as an avenue to make impacts, and not a means to embezzle funds, and therefore get rid of anyone just to fulfil their selfish desire.

Lastly, the reforming of the security agencies and making of laws that frown against the killing of people should be postulated. Without mincing words, anyone who is found in the ecosystem of this unscrupulous act of maiming of people should be given capital punishment to serve as deterrent to others. [3] Only when the laws are colossally enforced, then people will still be vulnerable and prone to falling into the traps and clutches of these malevolent killers.

Sadly, what we are witnessing in this present dispensation, with increasing consistency and worsening acts of cruelty are ritual killings for unjustifiable reasons. However, with the aforementioned solutions, in years to come, ritual killings would have faded into the thin air, and people will enter an era where glory can be attained without shedding blood.



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Folarin Oluwatimilehin wrote in from Abeokuta via oluwatimilehinfolarin@gmail.com


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