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The Devil’s Face by Augusta Ndeche.

That hadn’t been the plan, but when he threatened to release the picture on social media if Ada ever accused him of rape, I got so furious and stabbed him three time in the chest. I couldn’t let the world know that Ada was a rape victim.

The Appointment Of New Service Chiefs: A Possible Security Breakthrough by Oluremi Daniel.

  Nigeria, our dear country, has been through a lot of problems and issues as a nation. These issues range from corruption, economic and political...

Winds Against Obiano’s Return by Hon. Hon Victor Afam Ogene

In, perhaps, more ways than one, the November 18, 2017 gubernatorial election in Anambra can be fittingly described as a referendum on the leadership...

Topics: Essay Competition Week 17.

Welcome to week 17 of the #CmonionlineEssayCompetition. Choose from the following topics and discuss to qualify for the N10,000 cash prize. 1. Amotekun: Analyse the pros...

Freedom Without A Limit Has No Good Bearing by Abdulrasaq Ariwoola.

As a country, our cultural norms, and values go to the root of our existence as a people, and a deviation from them, to accepting foreign concepts holds dare consequences for us as a people. This is more for the youthful constituents who are more exposed to these things.

Topics: Essay Competition Week 11.

Welcome to week 11 of cmonionline essay competition. Choose from the following topics and discuss to qualify for the N10,000 cash prize. 1. Reducing the cost...

The Cosmetic Surgery Panorama by Solomon Ekoja.

  Jane: Kai! This sun no dey smile today at all at all. Abeg make I enter road wait for okada…. While waiting Anita: Omor! Na...

The Agbero Customer by Ojetunde Esther.

  In the cool evening of a Monday, the leaves rustling against themselves, the birds in the sky going about their usual business.Workers coming back...

Nigeria’s Power Sector by Ojetunde Esther

The electricity sector in Nigeria generates, transmits and distributes megawatts(MW) of electric power that is significantly less than what is needed to meet basic household and industrial needs

Mindset Matters Most by Paul Ojocheyi.

The western pop culture can be seen as the lifestyle of the natives of Europe and other continents, or countries that have strong ties...

Doctor Who by Humble Ogbonna

Jezzy D, the self-acclaimed Prince of Music has been declared missing. He was last seen on the 12th of this month at a party with other celebrities on the island. You would recall that he just had a diamond worth 10 million dollars surgically placed in his chest.

Ndi Igbo it’s time to get our priorities right. Pt 1

Another major issue that had long been identified by credible studies as a negative factor towards the economic and political development of Igbo land is demographic distortion. You will hardly come across any family in the South East which does not have a member or two earning their living elsewhere.

The Impact Of Foreign Media On Our Society by Opara Udochukwu.

  “ I wake up in the morning Tell you what I see on my Tv screen I see the blood of an innocent child And everybody’s watchin...

Shamefacedness by Peace Habila.

Kabir was at the verge of losing his mind over the graduation celebration ritual. He just could not keep his tongue glued to the...

Essay Competition: Week 4 Winner.

Dear good people, we have our winner/s of the cmonionline essay competition week 4. Once again the following 2 essays made the top 3 for...

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