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Issues Around Cross-Dressing Among The Youths by Oluwatimilehin Folarin.

The relationship between gender and dressing is not dependent on investigative or academic propositions, but rather, it is a socially constructed, unwritten principle that has over time, become a standard we follow

The Business Of Cross-dressing by Chukwuemeka Oluka.

There exists a rising trend of cross-dressing in Nigeria, especially amongst young men. For some of them, it has become a means to express themselves freely. For others, cross-dressing has lured them from doing drugs because it has offered them a means of livelihood, and legitimate business.

Freedom Without A Limit Has No Good Bearing by Abdulrasaq Ariwoola.

As a country, our cultural norms, and values go to the root of our existence as a people, and a deviation from them, to accepting foreign concepts holds dare consequences for us as a people. This is more for the youthful constituents who are more exposed to these things.

Cross-Dressing In Nigeria: Should We Be Worried? by Michael Ogbonnaya.

cross-dressing does not have a social, cultural, and religious acceptance in Nigeria. The lifestyle is completely at variance with the moral standard of the Nigerian society. There is a need to utilize the important tool of the media to properly sensitize and educate our youths on our values as a country.

Analysing The VAT Collection Tussle by Michael Ogbonnaya.

The unfair disbursement of VAT revenue should be reviewed and the VAT structure redesigned. The FIRS commission of 4 per cent is excessive. It should be reduced to an international benchmark of 1 per cent. Also

VAT Legal Tussle: The Implications And Solutions by Chukwuemeka Oluka.

While states of the federation anticipate the final judgment on VAT administration, it is being suggested that they should prepare for a transition period of VAT regime if the final verdict goes in their favour.

The VAT Collection Imbroglio And The Constitution by Abdulrasaq Ariwoola

In conclusion, it might be audacious to presume that the Court of Appeal or the Supreme Court will uphold the decision of the Federal High Court and hold the VAT Act as invalid. Nonetheless, it is a welcome development, considering its effect on revenue generation and allocation in the country.

Reviewing The CBN’s Position On The Spraying Of Naira Notes by...

The mere fact that spraying of Naira notes is a cultural thing doesn't rubbish the CBN's concerns or reasons for seeking the law's full implementation

Spraying The Naira: Is the CBN Or The Police A Toothless...

What the country needs now is deliberate enforcement of Section 21(1) of the CBN Act. But enforcement of the law is not for the CBN alone. Law enforcement agents should rise to the occasion and perform their statutory roles to save the Naira from lingering abuse.

A Critical Interrogation Of Buhari’s Education Summit Pledge by Chukwuemeka...

While it is true that the Covid-19 pandemic alongside the growing insecurities in different parts of Nigeria is seemingly rolling back the progress meant to be achieved in the education sector funding, the President must never relent.

Buhari’s Education Budget Pledge: A Ray Of Hope Or Deceit? by...

Whether we see it is as a possibility, a ray of hope, or deceit, one thing is certain — nothing comes easy. Every good thing comes with a price. Maybe, in this case, the price is our belief in this dear country and the undiluted support we can offer in achieving the promise together.

Increasing The Education Budget by Oluwafemi Ayeni.

It is highly ridiculous that Nigeria: with a plethora of education crises, will place education on such a low budget with little or no priority; no wonder why the country is ending in the path of destruction. Never late than never, the nation is coming to its senses and getting to realize the benefits of properly funding its education system for socio-economic development and growth.

A Critical Analysis of Buhari’s Education Pledge by Michael Ogbonnaya.

As earlier explained, the benefits of quality education, not like what is obtainable in the country, are enormous and cut across all areas of society. We must remember that the duty of reviving our education does not rest on the shoulders of the government alone.

The Issues Around Increased Funding In Education by Daniel Oluremi.

In conclusion, it is important to realize the reasons why the education of our generation warrants more investment. Malcolm X once said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it”. Our future as a country is largely tied to our much we are willing to do to improve education in our country. The more resources, as well as attention, we give to the education of the children and youths can determine if Nigeria fails as a country in the new decade; unable to present its acclaimed leaders of tommorow to the global front.

When Begging Becomes A Norm by Michael Ogbonnaya.

The hardworking and resilient spirit that once defined a Nigerian youth is gradually fading away. Excelling in all circumstances was deeply entrenched in the...

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