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Success Journey VIII

To put potential problems in perspective, get a notepad and create a list of all the setbacks you‘ve encountered.

Success Journey VII

Never leave till tomorrow that which you can do today.

Success Journey VI.

It is necessary to state one important rule here; Unless there is a sudden urgency try and stick with the heirrachy as prioritised in your task list for these two reasons. It gives you more control over your work/study period. With time you adapt to it and will remember those tasks which you may have forgotten to write down in the morning.

Success Journey V.

So my advice is usually to make running a habit. Run, jog, walk, whichever suits you but just keep moving. See it as a celebration of what your body can do and not a punishment for what you consume.

Success Journey IV.

There is no substitute for any time spent with nature as I wrote in a previous post. Seeing other people while walking gives an indescribable but relaxing feeling. The hi’s, nods and waves convey our innate capacity as peaceful, warm and friendly humans. 

Success Journey III

Early to bed, and early to rise, Makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. ~ Benjamin Franklin.

Our Husbands Died, Not Our Libido by Nneoma Wokemba.

Widows, like every one else think about sex and want to have sex. It is not a thing of shame. It is human.

Writers Appreciate!

Our writers want to say thank you because we couldn't have achieved anything without your support. 

The Success Journey II.

Our Daily Bread remains an important part of my household and I have many more beautiful stories to tell about God’s goodness

The Success Journey I.

Success is the gradual realisation of worthwhile goals and objectives.

The Rise Of ‘Woke’ African Writers by Katchy Ohiaeri

Akwaeke Emezi identifies as a non-binary ogbanje. Just by reading the words, the term oxymoron is typified. Non-binary, a claimed gender, typically emanating from...

A Tribute To Mazi Ukonu.

Mazi Ukonu passed on today..if you grew up in old Imo state in the 70/80s then this legendary entertainer must have put a smile...

The Sultry Colleen by Jude Idada

... It was a pool party. And they were there. Men who have achieved. Money, power, and fame. Men in their prime who tell time to hold still...

A True Giant Of Africa.

Do you know that the man who turned the Toronto Raptors around to become the 2019 NBA Champions is a Nigerian? He is 49-year-old Masai...

Semper Fidelis!

  We just won't stop! CIC Enugu Alumni just won't stop. We keep doing great things. Now check this out. After the Multipurpose Building was commissioned in...

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