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This Irish woman is the world’s best mum!

Her story is an emotional one which has dominated the news for the past few days. The poor woman said her daughter sometimes suffer up to 20 seizures in a day and watching her suffer has become unbearable hence her decision to embark on this protest.

The man is the head of the house – Tiwa Savage

"It’s real. I’m not going to say I’m completely comfortable with it but it is what it is. You have to deal with it....

My thoughts as Suu Kyi is stripped of human rights award over the Rohingya...

This has been long coming. I have repeatedly tweeted that Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi should be stripped of her numerous peace awards...

Nature Never Hurries.

Many of us are often too caught up in the hustle and bustle of life to stop for a moment and appreciate life itself. Take a break, stop for a moment and go on a date with nature. It may not take away all your troubles but you can be certain it won't add to it.

Anecdote: From Boyz To Men.

This thing called love is a beautiful thing!

Appreciating Our Amazons.

If you want to achieve your objectives you have to learn how to ignore the noise, welcome objective criticism and appreciate every support.

Fitness: What does it really cost?

“Chains of habit are too light to be felt until they are too heavy to be broken” ~ Warren Buffet I often get questions from...

Take Responsibility.

  How can we begin to adjust to a new normal or if you like a different normal as we transit to the post lockdown...

Anecdote: Been Around The World

  Dateline: 1990 The song was the rave of the moment. It was topping all the charts. Back then we used to hang out every evening at...

Two To Tango.

And that’s marriage for you. It is simpler when you have common interests. When you encounter the attendant troubles of the planting season like stress, fatigue or disagreements you will easily overcome them because you know the harvest is just around the corner.

Much love to #WivesThatCook.

The aim of having a gender equality law is a collective responsibility, but for reasons, I wrote about in an earlier piece the ladies are expected to drive this cause. Any right-thinking man should support it for the simple fact that we are all humans.

Anecdote: Goodwill.

The way he rallied to ensure that I flew buttressed a belief I've always held that goodwill will often open doors where money cannot.

Why didn’t #MeToo trend in Nigeria?

In the aftermath of Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood, actress Alyssa Milano tweeted a message that read: "Suggested by a friend: If all the women...

Released after 39 years in jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

I came across this story on social media and decided to blog it for us to reflect on. Elmer Daniels African-American male pictured on the...

Digital Detox: A Necessity In Our World Today.

Simplicity is the peak of civilization. ~Jessie Sampter I have just finished discussing over the phone with a friend whom I noticed has been off...

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