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Bitter-Sweet Pie by Solomon Ekoja

There was a boy named Wazobia from the Nzaga-nyanga hills, about four thousand miles away from the capital city of Jos. The community was...

And This Is You by Kenneth Nwabuisi

They say the devil attacks in strange ways, sometimes in concrete things that can be spotted from a distance. But yours does not strike...

Bloody Valentine! – A Poem by Becky Peleowo

                 I Bring roses for my love, Scatter delicate Lilies so white, Moradeke, my queen, my dove, So now, why do we fight? Old naira notes squeezed into a...

Dissed by Peace Habila.

The first day my eyes fell on him, the brightness of the earth went blurred for few seconds. He was a piece of art...

Suffering And Smiling Mentality In Nigeria by Chukwuemeka Oluka

Today, the reality is that people are compelled to smile in the face of these sufferings. They smile even when the assurance of the next meal is not guaranteed.

The bad waiter — player’s proof by Emmanuel Enaku

I was happy. The room was getting ready quickly. Her flight was to have gotten mid-air and I expected Vice-Admiral Blessed Noah in a few hours. I checked my watch again, an apple watch ultra — with those scintillating red stuff — and nodded my head.

A season to be Jolly : A Poem by Becky Peleowo

So what’s your reason for the season? To kill, to steal, to maim or defame? To suppress, to oppress or make others feel depressed Who exactly do you wish to impress, The humble host or his gorgeous guests?

A Christmas Breakfast  by Becky O. Peleowo

Breakfast was set. A simple Christmas meal of bread and omelettes. The chicken will be served later. Tade loves a light breakfast.

Breakfast For Xmas by Victor Oladejo

The yellow rays of the sun crept through my curtains and sat on my eyes when I woke up. I rolled to the other...

Tentacles Of Reasons: A Poem by Oluwaseun Osanyinro

From childhood, I have always wondered What the Christmas season was all about From childhood, I have always wondered Why there was a particular season to kill...

The Trophy Wife by Oluwaseun Osanyinro

As I shut the door to the last member of my family leaving, I heaved a sigh of relief at work done and walked back to my kitchen. My whole house was well-lit with every Christmas decoration available and finally homey, thanks to my family.

The Reason For The Season: A Poem by Solomon Ekoja

As we celebrate Stay away from sin Remember the poor and needy Extend the love of Christ And believe in Jesus for salvation

My Final Dirge: A Poem by Emmanuel Enaku

In secret, I craved your presence. And then, because I could hold it no more, I had spilled the words that had multiplied So much in my heart

A Burning Heart: A Poem by Victor Oladejo

In my ears, I heard the cold legs of fate walking towards me, Should I tell this young bird that the last person who made my body tingle died when I believed my world was made?

The Socio-Economic Implications Of The Japa Trend In Nigeria by Solomon Ekoja.

Nigeria, with a population of over 200 million people is the most populous country in Africa. She is blessed with many natural and human resources to cater for the needs of her citizens but poor leadership, corruption and insecurity make it impossible. W

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