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Newross & Co..the journey so far and a little encouragement.

I had read in one novel while growing up that a person is often distinguished by accessories. I was fascinated by this statement and...

Success Journey X

We had an interesting session yesterday. And I had to incorporate it into my weekly series to ensure we don’t miss the important takeaways therein.

A True Giant Of Africa.

Do you know that the man who turned the Toronto Raptors around to become the 2019 NBA Champions is a Nigerian? He is 49-year-old Masai...

Committee of Friends Palaver by Chukwuemeka Oluka

when the words, ‘committee of friends’ are mentioned, what readily comes to your mind?

Success Journey IV.

There is no substitute for any time spent with nature as I wrote in a previous post. Seeing other people while walking gives an indescribable but relaxing feeling. The hi’s, nods and waves convey our innate capacity as peaceful, warm and friendly humans. 

What you need to know about Ireland’s abortion referendum.

  The Republic of Ireland is holding a referendum on May 25 that could dramatically change its stance on abortion. Here’s a rundown of what...

Lets Celebrate Darlington.

I just had to blog this. I remember once when I drove through Aroma with a friend, I stopped and had for the usual exchange of...

Success Journey IX

Where, when or how you start is not as important as starting. ~ Cmoni Last time in my weekly Success Journey Series I talked about...

Semper Fidelis!

  We just won't stop! CIC Enugu Alumni just won't stop. We keep doing great things. Now check this out. After the Multipurpose Building was commissioned in...

The Success Journey I.

Success is the gradual realisation of worthwhile goals and objectives.

Success Journey XI

“I found Purpose when I learned that my Gifts were given me by the Creator to help people. Focus on serving people, all else is bullshit”.

Success Journey XIV.


Watch out for the talented Sophia!

She's got talent is all I can say. We owe each other the duty to promote what we do, so please share widely to...

The Fabulous Hostel Project by CIC Old Boys.

I just had to blog this one. It is a proud moment for everyone associated with the prestigious College of the Immaculate Conception CIC...

Keto in Pidgin by Alexandra Iguh-Caroli

  Here's a freebie for all of you who want to look trim, healthy, and sexy like me! My sister Alexandra, the globally acknowledged keto expert...

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