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    Scholarship at Dalarna University Sweden

    This Swedish University has years scholarship opportunities for international students. The language of instruction is in Swedish or English depending on the course of study. A full-time student can obtain an undergraduate degree in 3 years and the beauty is that their system of allows independent study with support from teachers. European education has high […]

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    Free Audu Maikori by Adebayo Ajagunna

    Without a doubt, AUDU MAIKORI is a star of his generation. At 40 Audu has achieved more than many septuagenarian Nigerians will ever achieve in 10 lifetimes. I first met Audu when he was still a law student at the University of Jos. He and his crew were some of the smartest young guys I […]

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    Inspired by a sobbing pupil.

    This morning I took my daughter to her music school competition. It was a small event with just about 10 kids and parents. After a brief wait at the hallway, while pleasantries were exchanged we were ushered into the classroom with all set and ready. When we were all seated the instructor called on the […]

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    Apostle Suleiman as the tipping point.

    Religion is the opium of the people ~ Karl Marx One of the greatest sayings in the history of mankind. Karl Marx could not have put it better. Some say he was so ahead of his time that even in this age he would have still been among the greatest philosophers.  I am not a […]

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    Special relationship trauma?

    He will have seen May as that most desperate of creatures: the house buyer who rashly sold her old house before she had found a new one. Having tossed away Britain’s keys to the European single market, she will soon be homeless – and Trump knows it. ~ Jonathan Freedland It was never going to […]

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    On Trump’s Muslim ban by Nze Anizor

    I neither believe nor accept that religion is the problem of Nigeria or the world. Religion is just a crutch which people, tribes or countries fighting for land, economic or political supremacy use to justify their blood lust. Ban religion and they will locate another crutch quickly. So Islam is violent? Are there no Muslims […]

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    On deodorants and insecticides.

    The most useful thing about a principle is that it can always be sacrificed to expediency. ~Somerset Maugham I may not rightly guess what was going through the mind of the famous British playwright when he made the above quote but it appears in almost every collection of his favourite quotes. Realistically, when a principle […]

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    The growing domestic abuse and the need for true feminism.

    “Abandon the idea that you will forever be the victim of the things that have happened to you. Choose to be a victor.” ~ Seth Adam Smith A few days ago I came across a news story about the wife of Lagos state governor charging female lawyers to be more vocal on the issue of […]

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    Ndi Igbo it’s time to get our priorities right. Pt 1

    “It is the opinion of many great authorities that every nation or people build its future on its past, that is, a past that has been properly studied and understood, and whose seminal experience has been extracted and redeployed for further use”. ~ Prof. Adiele Afigbo The words of our great historian represent a succinct amplification […]