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Essay Competition: Week 22 Winners.


Undeserved Happiness by Augusta Ndeche and Bonus by Peace Habila are the winners of week 22.

Augusta started her intriguing essay with fluid reflections on mortality and then quickly switched to the present in such a seamless manner that the reader never stops till the explosive end. A judge described her ability thus: “Her imaginative power is out of this world. Huge potential”. Congrats Augusta, that was a beautiful piece of writing and I urge everyone to read it.


Peace wrote with her usual flow. She makes the reader comfortable with excellent use of simple english with good punctuations and figures of speech. Her story was captivating and well concluded. “Did I tell you I got married to the CEO few months ago?” is a clincher any day. Congrats Peace, keep writing.





The judges commended all the writers and agreed that they displayed great talents and initiative but to harness their full potentials the following recommendations were made.

1. They need to learn to spell-check and to have an eye for details.

2. Majority need to do a lot of proof-reading.

3. Some try to impress with big vocabulary which distracts from otherwise great essays. Vocabulary is good but only when it is used with ease in such a way that it appears natural. One essay looked like the writer was consulting a dictionary to decide what word to add to the essay.

4. Punctuation still remains a problem.

5. This crop of writers raised the game. It is getting better and better.

Thank you for writing and reading.

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