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Essay Competition: Week 38 Winners.


Abdulrazaq Ariwoola and Roselyn Sho-Olajide are our winners for week 38.

The Killer Revealed by Roselyn is another thriller from a lady who has distinguished herself as an impressive multitalented writer with an intriguing storytelling ability. Weaving a story as a columnist takes some asking but she did excellently as if she had been doing so for years. Check out her first paragraph.  If you are an ardent reader of this column, you will recall the Wednesday, July 13, 1946, publication narrated how Mr. Gobas’ corpse was found by Odogwu River after he went to bed the previous night, hale and hearty. From the start, the reader is treated to the 4 Ws: who, what, when, and where. So the fact that the why and how will be covered in the body triggers the requisite suspense. The rest of the story gradually unfolds to a surprising climax. Rosemary writes with a flow that is sustained till the end. I was particularly enchanted by this line; It was not totally dark — thanks to the fishhook moon that was dangling lazily amongst the sea of stars in the sky. Well done once again and congratulations.

Trivia: July 13, 1946, is a Saturday!

Reviewing The CBN’s Position On The Spraying Of Naira Notes: Abdulrazaq showed a good understanding of the topic and offered an insight into fairly wider research and propositions which gave his work an uncommon balance. The essay also had unmissable originality and was well delivered. A conclusion that offered an incisive and practical solution did justice to the whole effort. The writer will however need to avoid unnecessary repetitions. He could also do better with paragraphing even though I suspect this may be as a result of the new submission method. Congrats Abulrazaq.

IMPORTANT!!! Some entries were not published for two reasons. While some were sent in via email others flouted the stipulated word count. If you are going to be a writer then you need to pay closer attention to instructions.

The third essay Spraying The Naira: Is the CBN Or The Police A Toothless Bulldog? by Chukwuemeka Oluka was equally good. The writer as usual displayed his research skills. He discussed the topic with ease and offered solutions at the end. He also maintained his usual structure and related well enough with his subheadings. However, there were a few errors with the tenses and grammar. The writer is also reminded that opinion pieces do not necessarily require the subheadings like research or term papers.

Thorough proofreading before the submission is recommended for all writers. Thanks for participating. We have published the topics for week 39 here.

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