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On This Day: The Collapse of Rana Plaza



On this day: in history (2013),  one thousand, one hundred and thirty-four (1134) people died in Dhaka, Bangladesh building collapse. The Dhaka building collapse or The Collapse of Rana Plaza was the worst building collapse disaster in modern history . Approximately 2,500 injured people were rescued from the building alive.

The building, Rana Plaza, was owned by Sohel Rana, allegedly a member of the youth wing of Bangladesh Awami League, the political party in power.It housed a number of separate garment factories employing around 5,000 people, several shops and a bank.The factories manufactured apparel for brands including Benetton, Bonmarche, Prada, Gucci, Versace, Moncler,the Children’s Place, Joe Fresh, Mango, Matalan.

On 23 April 2013 (one day before the collapse), a TV channel recorded footage that showed cracks in the Rana Plaza building. Immediately afterward, the building was evacuated, and the shops and the bank on the lower floors were closed. Later in the day, Sohel Rana said to the media that the building was safe and workers should return tomorrow. Managers at Ether Tex threatened to withhold a month’s pay from workers who refused to come to work.

On 10 May, 17 days after the collapse, a woman named Reshma was found and rescued alive and almost unhurt under the rubble.

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