The Reason For The Season: A Poem by Solomon Ekoja

It’s getting colder

With each passing day

And drier

As dusty wind whirls


Parks are filled

With swarms of travellers

Clustered like honey bees

Around a hive

From street to street

Animals queue for slaughter

To fill hungry pots

Starved from meat

For eleven months

At the market

Prices skyrocket

Suffering and smiling

Man must still wack

Everyone’s busy

To wear a beautiful look

For twenty-fifth

As my phone beeped

A crossover gig came calling

To unravel a puzzle

About the reason for the season

With an ink thirsty pen

And a hungry paper

Scribbling went thus

Many years ago

According to the Holy Bible

Confusion and chaos

Filled the earth

Darkness like a canopy

Shielded everything

As the Spirit of God hovered

Over the face of the earth

To give life

A meaningful meaning




Dry land, seas, plants and trees

Sun, moon and stars

Birds and creatures in the sea

Land animals and human

Were created by God

But for man

He had dominion over all

Except for the tree of knowledge

Located mid garden

At the cool of each day

Man communed with God

In sweet koinonia

To the envy of Satan

Who had lost favour with God

On and on

A plan was hatched

To scatter God’s plan

And lead man to hell

Through a serpent

Eve was deceived

To entice man

And disobey God

On went the curse

Of toiling to eat

Labouring for childbirth

And belly crawling for the serpent

In all these

God still had a plan

For the seed of the woman

To bruise the serpent’s head

At the redemption assembly

Heaven was silent

As no one was qualified

To open the book of redemption


Jesus prevailed

When he humbled himself

To redeem man

As foretold

By holy prophets of God

While the promise tarried

Blood of bulls and goats

Atoned temporarily

For man’s sin and guilt

Abraham was called

To an unknown land

Yet he obeyed

And became a friend of God

Though without seed

At old age

He believed God

And birthed Isaac

Jacob and Esau

United at birth

But for a spoon of pottage

Dis-united for birthright

On came Joseph

A son of old age

Kit with a coat of many colours

But envied by his brethren

Who sold him off to Egypt

To become a slave

At Potiphar’s house

God was with him

In all he did

And made him prosperous

To the amazement of his masters

Though lured to sin

He remained resolute

Till prison came calling

For an uncommitted offence

With hard grindings and toilings

He laboured with prisoners

Dream after dream

Interpretations were accurate

Pharaoh sent and loosed him

With Gods wisdom

He preserved humanity

And his starving family

From death

As the promise drew near

Gabriel was sent to Mary

A virgin

Espoused to Joseph

Bethlehem was full

With only a manger to spare

As angels sang gloriously

A star was on ground

Guiding shepherds to an inn

To worship the newborn king

Sent from heaven

To save humanity

From her sins

As we celebrate

Stay away from sin

Remember the poor and needy

Extend the love of Christ

And believe in Jesus for salvation


Jesus is the reason

For the season.


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