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The Helpless Nigerian Youth by Oluwatimilehin Folarin

For #Week47, Oluwatimilehin Folarin focuses on the differences between social and political discourses and draws reasons why young Nigerians show more interest in the former.

Political Apathy Among The Youths by Esther Ojetunde.

  "One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by inferiors"- Plato Youths, most especially in a...

Bestiality Is More Common Than Men Think; The Nature, Causes and Effects by Precious...

Upon response to a report, a seven month old puppy was found discarded like thrash by the Humane Rescue Alliance, a non-profit organization.

Bestiality as a Form of Animal Abuse, its Causes and Effects on the Society...

Albeit these causes, the major causes of bestiality is largely dependent on the kind of society i.e. conservative and liberal societies. In liberal societies i.e. highly progressive and modern democratic societies like Europe, USA,

Exploring Bestiality and its Effects on Society by Ekoja Solomon

Although research does not consistently give precise rates of bestiality, classic studies indicates that 5 to 8% of males engage in bestiality, while between 3 to 4 % of women do

Between Monogamy and Polygamy: Choosing a Better Marriage by Ojetunde Esther

At first the polygamy was very popular in the west part of Africa, but as the Islam has started to diffuse in this region, the prevalence of polygamy has started to continuously reduce due to the restrictions that appeared to the number of wives.

Polygamy Or Monogamy: An Examination of Both Marriage Forms by Chinonso Nzeh

Monogamy is practiced by progressive families. A common reason people practice monogamy apart from religious belief is for fruitful companionship. 

Between Polygamy and Monogamy: A Battle of Choice by Solomon Ekoja

Both marriages are not alien to youths because as one moves around the community, it is very common to find monogamous and polygamous marriages.

For better for worse by Collins Chibuike

"For better for worse." I personally never liked that phrase. I have attended a handful of weddings and whenever the couple make vows and...

Gender-Based Violence: Religious Beliefs As Sources by Efe-Umaigba Ofure

Religious organizations play a significant impact in molding national views and perspectives. As a result, it's no surprise that religious institutions encourage such behavior.

Exploring The Effects Of Religious Beliefs In Abusive Marriages by Victoria Mbanasor.

  INTRODUCTION Gender-based violence in the home, especially in marriages, is the most pervasive phenomenon that cuts across every stratum of society and life in general....

Essay: Gender Based Violence and Religion by Esther Ojetunde.

  Gender based violence is violence directed against a person because of that person's gender, or violence that affects persons of a particular gender disproportionately. Religion...

Essay: Gender Based Violence and Religion by Ekoja Okewu

  “The only time I will be proud to be a man is when every woman is safe and comfortable around me”-DJ Kyos Introduction In recent times,...

Nigeria’s Power Sector by Ojetunde Esther

The electricity sector in Nigeria generates, transmits and distributes megawatts(MW) of electric power that is significantly less than what is needed to meet basic household and industrial needs

Reforming Nigeria’s Power Sector in Conundrum by Chukwuemeka Oluka

If anyone still doubts that Nigeria’s power sector is in a conundrum, then, that person may need to be critically examined more than the crisis-driven sector itself.

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