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Useful stories from the diaspora.

Change The Narrative by Enkay Nwangene.

Is nursing the only profession for Nigerian immigrants in the US? I asked a question some time ago on Facebook and got some very interesting...

Diaspora Diary: Prioritise A Driver’s License Over Western Union.

I haven’t jogged for some time. I‘ve just been doing short 2–3km walks on the banks the river Lee instead of the usual hour-long...

Anecdote: The Entrepreneur’s Greatest Tool Is….

No matter how much you have mastered the game there will be a month when that financial pressure will come upon you like the Biblical thief in the night. And so it was for yours truly last month. 

Doings In Mbiri, Echoes In Cork.

I know he wouldn't want this but I just couldn't help it. I had to blog this one for posterity. Like the Biblical instruction, my...

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