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Topics: Essay Competition Week 40.

Welcome to #Week40 of the #CmonionlineEssayCompetition. Please choose from the following topics and write to possibly emerge as one of the winners of our N30,000 cash prize.

Essay Competition.

Submit your work and you could be one of the winners of the N60,000 and N30,000 cash prizes we pay out every fortnight. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for weekly updates on the current essay topics and specifications.

Mo Abudu Is Not A Role Model.

Aunty Mo Abudu is an ambitious woman. That is fine. She also wants to be noticed. And that is no problem either. But to be seen at creme de la creme events and every celebrity gathering with a stained snout may be why flies like Gistlover will always hover around her.

Emefiele Is Worse Than The Stuttering Naira.

The Naira has lost 60% of its value in 18 months. How this is not a national emergency for Buhari remains a mystery.

Betrayal by Humble Ogbonna.

His arms were big and strong like an African baobab tree, his chest was firm and sturdy like the impregnable wall of ancient Babylon. She wished the distance to her car was farther so she could enjoy his company all the more.

The Killer Revealed by Roselyn Sho-Olajide.

Jeremy quietly let himself through the window. The determination to find out what exactly his father was up to, dragged him out of the comfort of his bed and diminished every thread of fear in him.

Reviewing The CBN’s Position On The Spraying Of Naira Notes by...

The mere fact that spraying of Naira notes is a cultural thing doesn't rubbish the CBN's concerns or reasons for seeking the law's full implementation

Essay Competition: Week 38 Winners.

Abdulrazaq Ariwoola and Roselyn Sho-Olajide are our winners for week 38. 

Topics: Essay Competition Week 39.

For #Week39 of the #CmonionlineEssayCompetition choose a topic from your preferred genre and write to possibly emerge as one of the winners of our N60,000 cash prize.

Walk The Talk Like Cmonionline by Tony Alika-Igwebuike.

What I think is that in the stead of all these complaints that I see on Facebook and Twitter, ad nauseam, about the morality, or the reverse of it, of BBN, etc, people should begin to do the ones they can if the societal decay matters that much to them. If you cannot start one of your own and you’re not out to seek vainglory, log on to and see if you can boost what this young man is already committing to writing development among the young ones.

The Afghanistan Fiasco by Tony Alika-Igwebuike.

What we should blame Biden for, and not just him but administrations before him too, is that they funded both players in the new theater of war that’s about to unravel in that region now. ISIS, the Taliban, and everything in between were overtly and covertly funded by the same people to destabilize different governments at different times.

Essay Competition: Week 37 Winners.

Ladies and gentlemen, the trio of Victor Oladejo, Roselyn Sho-Olajide, and Chukwuemeka Oluka have won the N60,000 cash price for week 37.

Topics: Essay Competition Week 38.

Welcome to #Week38 of the #CmonionlineEssayCompetition. Please choose from the following topics and write to possibly emerge as one of the winners of our N30,000 cash prize.

Bawa In Dora’s ‘Dairy’ Room.

“the facts and circumstances within an arresting officer’s knowledge are sufficient to warrant the officer to believe that a suspect has committed, is committing or about to commit a crime”. Probable cause is presumed until the contrary is proved.

Seeking jobs abroad isn’t an option for young Nigerians: they don’t...

Global corporations are looking for workers with “productive capacities” that can be used in manufacturing, science and technology-intensive sectors, as well as information technologies.

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